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Dynamo BUILD! Dynamo-driven collaborative robotics for automated construction of spatial structures; Sydney, Australia 

Dynamo- BUILD! was an extension of ongoing collaborative reserach between the Center for Design Research, Walter P Moore Engineering, and Autodesk relating to the development of novel ways creating complex spatial structures through advanced computational design, analysis, and fabrication. The workshop was held in conjunction with the 2016 international conference on Robotics in Architecture, Art, and Design in Sydney Australia. Using a combination of Autodesk Dynamo and React Structures, the goal of this workshop was to design, evaluate, and fabricate a large-format prototypical spatial structure. Dynamo is a graphical programming environment that lets artists, architects, and engineers explore parametric concepts through visual logic; this workshop was the first public test of the new Dynamo-to-Robot workflow. Throughout the workshop, collaborators engaged in the iterative design, structural optimization, and fabrication of the experimental spatial structure shown here. In this case, formal complexity is resolved through the functional complexity of structural units in the system — the node and the strut — while each maintains a level of simplicity appropriate to its respective manufacturing process and materiality.

Dynamo BUILD! was made possible through collaboration of the following:

Autodesk, Virginia Tech Center for Design Research,  Walter P Moore Engineering, MASS Design Group, Delcam, University of Sydney, and the Association for Robotic in Architecture, Art, and Design. Workshop participants include leaders Nick Cote, Nathan King , Matt Jezyk, Gustav

Fagerstrom and Mike Kirschner, and participants Suleiman Alhadidi, Graham Clarkson, Ron Culver, William Gardner, Joshua Grasso, Mostafa Khalifa, Brandon Kruysman, Junhua Lian, Steven Palomo, Jonathan Proto, Gregor Rossegger, Raed Shalak, Mark Tam, Lynda Tran, Mythri, Vittal Boggaram, Simon Yorke, and Dinah Zhang

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