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Design and Health 

The Design and Health initiative explores the relationship between the design of the built environment and products with global health and the quality of human life around the globe. The immediate and critical global need for improved health has converged with an increasing understanding of the relationship of design and planning with health outcomes, and presents an unprecedented opportunity to re-position designers as leaders in the field of global health. Reserach in Design and Health aligns related research interests, complimentary resources and expertise across campus and beyond, and strategic partnerships with industry, governments, and NGOs to reposition design as a leading force within critical areas of public health –in local, regional, national, and global contexts. 

Beyond health outcomes, the development of enhanced design processes offers the potential to bring together disparate groups of stakeholders to enhance economic, social, and environmental impact during the design, construction/manufacturing  of health care  related infrastructure, products, and systems.

Initiatives in Design and Health are led by Brook Kennedy (Industrial Design) and Dr. Nathan King (Industrial Design and Architecture) 

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