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Architectural Protoypes 

NEED REPLACEMENT TEXT Within this context, the Additive Manufacturing and Automated Construction Technologies Group (AMACT) group leverages complimentary, multi-disciplinary expertise, facilities, and resources to address strategic research and technology development that move toward the realization of applied construction systems through additive processes. Initial research will be driven by questions of scaling, which are often cited as a limiting factor in the translation of Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) from manufacturing to construction. Using existing large-scale automated construction systems in the Center for Design Research including a 6-axis industrial robotic manipulator, the group works to transfer process parameters and computational workflows to enable the use of the robotic work cell as a prototyping environment for large-scale additive processes.  By moving research in applications of Additive Manufacturing into the scale of buildings and infrastructure, the proposed research group provides the framework for collaborative merger of a range of significant research questions from a variety of related disciplines.

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